Interim Inspection


The owner is consulted before any interim inspection is carried out.

We carry out interim inspections in the following circumstances:

  • on an ad hoc basis at the owners request
  • if there are excess maintenance issues reported
  • if there are complaints from the neighbours or the management company

We would caution against doing to many inspections as they can present the tenants with a forum for frivolous requests which then have to be considered.

When carrying out inspections, it is important to consider the following:

  • the tenants right to peaceful and exclusive occupation during their tenancy, which extends to the cleanliness of a property
  • normal wear and tear: the property will not be in the same condition from when the tenants moved in and this is generally not as a result of the tenant's negligence

Interim Inspection

1. Initial Info

* All fields mandatory unless marked otherwise

Has a spare set of keys been tagged and stored in the office key rack?

Interim Inspection

2. Minimum Standards

a. Is there a fire blanket mounted to the wall in the kitchen?

Was a fire blanket supplied to the tenants in the first incidence?

b. In the case of apartments, has a fire escape plan been provided?

c. Is there a carbon monoxide detector present in all rooms with gas appliances?

Are the carbon monoxide detectors operational?

d. Are there smoke detectors on each floor; in the hallway and on the landing?

Are the smoke detectors operational?

e. Are window restrictors attached to all windows above ground floor level?

f. Is there a current Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate available?

g. Is there a microwave provided?

h. Is there a separate dryer or dryer function on the washing machine?

i. Is there a four ring hob, oven and grill provided?

j. Is a fridge and freezer provided? (ice boxes in undercounter fridges don't qualify)

k. Is the boiler due a service?

l. Is there an annual boiler service contract in place

Interim Inspection

3. General Condition

b. Are there issues with mould?

Do drying facilities comply with the minimum housing standards?

Are the tenants drying clothes on clothes racks?

Are the extractor fans operational?

Are the wall vents clear?

Is there airspace behind large furniture?

Is mould an inherent issue within the property?

e. Do the tenants have suitable gardening equipment?

f. What condition is the bathroom in?

Is the bathroom likely to need to be replaced in the medium term?

g. Is there any other general maintenance required?

Specify the maintenance needed

Interim Inspection

4. Final Comments

Form Submitted

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